Statewide Parcel Mapping


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Posted on 03/08/2016 by VLCT Communications


Can statewide parcel mapping support your community? For the past few years, VLCT has been a participant in discussions on how best to develop a statewide parcel mapping program. The program is intended to serve as a steward for consistent, up-to-date statewide parcel data that are available to the state, towns, and the public. Parcel data, when combined with other information, can identify areas suitable for locating a business, improve emergency response, and even find land that is not being taxed. For example, the Town of Waterford found several properties last year that were not on the tax rolls! VLCT is working with the State Department of Housing and Community Development ( to create the statewide data set and then develop a process for ongoing maintenance, without creating an added financial burden to Vermont’s cities and towns. More information is on the Statewide Digital Parcel Data Proposal summary and the Statewide Parcel Mapping Program flyer.