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Posted on 09/10/2014 by VLCT Communications


It has been another busy year for Vermont disasters. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) encourages towns to plan ahead.  How will you respond to and recover from future flooding events?  A good resource is the new Flood Ready Vermont website,  This site can help you:

  • get up to speed on the Emergency Relief and Assistance Fund (ERAF) rules which will go into effect for disasters which occur after October 23, 2014;
  • identify flood hazards in your town;
  • find funding to reduce risk to existing buildings;
  • update your community plans; and
  • find out what other communities are doing to get flood ready.

Following a disaster, towns in federally-declared counties send in Request for Public Assistance (RPA) forms to DPS. Once they have been approved by FEMA, DPS Finance emails a sub-grant agreement to the town. The town completes the sub-grant agreement and returns it electronically to DPS Finance. A FEMA project specialist is assigned to work with the town to write up their project worksheets.


After the sub-grant agreement has been returned, DPS Finance issues an executed sub-grant agreement along with a financial report workbook and 502F (“request for payment”) form. If the town has one or more large project(s), a large project quarterly report form for programmatic progress reporting will also be included in this package. Applicants are required to report large project programmatic progress quarterly until their large projects are all closed out (January 30, April 30, July 30, October 30 and final closeout).


Small Projects. Applicants can be paid 75% federal share quickly for small projects ($120,000 or less) after the sub-grant agreement is executed and the 502F forms are returned to DPS Finance. The remaining state (ERAF) share will be paid after all small and large projects for the applicant are completed and awarded in FEMA’S EMMIE system, and a Project Completion and Certification Report (PCCR) form has been completed.  You can obtain the PCCR from DPS or your VTrans district tech. The district tech will verify that all work in the project worksheets listed on the PCCR has been done in in accordance with FEMA’S approved scopes of work. The district tech and applicant must both sign the PCCR and submit it to DPS, which will notify DPS Finance that it is time to release the final ERAF state share for all projects.


Large Projects. Applicants can request drawn-down payments for up to 75% of the federal share on all large projects ($120,000 or greater) using the 502F form as the applicant completes the work and submits the required documentation (copies of checks, invoices, and other documentation justifying expenses). This process allows for partial payments to reduce cash flow stress associated with large projects.


Once a large project is 100% complete, the town must go through closeout of the project by submitting a complete package of invoices, checks, and other documentation of work completed for the entire project. Please email to receive a closeout checklist of what is required. The ERAF state share and balance of the federal share for large projects can only be paid out after closeout, and upon submittal of final reimbursement request 502F and executed PCCR.


If you are seeking Progress Payments on your DR4022 (Irene) or DR 4066 (May 2012) large projects, contact Coleen Krauss or the VTrans Grants Unit If seeking partial payments on large projects from DR4120 (May 2013) or DR4140 (June-July 2013), contact Tiffanie Fortier Payments for DR4163 (December 2013 ice storm) and DR4178 (April 2014) and all future disasters will be made from the Department of Public Safety; contact KarenMae Smith